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Teaching & Research Facilities

Experiment centers

The Business School, covering an area of 600 square meters consists of experimental centers of economics and management and behavioral science. It is equipped with information resource center, control room and 11 professional laboratories for teaching and scientific research. Due to self-developed laboratory information and management system, experiment reservation and arrangement online as Management well as statistics and Management of experimental courses have been achieved.

Equipped with ERP systematic teaching software, ERP laboratory enables students to carry out experiment and design in terms of financial management supply chain management, manufacturing management, human resource management as well as development of information and management system. Moreover, it can meet the teaching needs such as development and application of computers and provides ERP accreditation training and consultation.

Financial laboratories, which provides financial computing, banking business simulation, simulation software of securities and futures analysis and dealing enable them to do experiment in the laboratory and gain them a whole- day access to online experiment whenever and wherever they like.

Accounting imitative laboratory, where students can conduct a series of accounting imitative experiments, operates on accounting teaching software on simulation of practice and experiment, in which project teachers in the business school have worked on. It makes available both practice accounting teaching of single course and comprehensive simulation practice. With simulation operation practice software of import and export trading, comprehensive laboratory of economics and commerce is available for students to organically integrate import and export business, English telegrams and letters as well as email with internet operation practice. Computer network makes paperless operation of international trading a reality.

Sand table simulation lab built a sand table simulation system on investment, which employs sand table to imitate a competitive environment of a company where students can have simulation exercises of management and decision-making. Computer network laboratory, equipped with advanced network devices such as routers, firewall and three-layer switch makes students carry out configuration of switching, routing and network safety as well as network interconnection experiment ; With high-end server and advanced network environment, students are able to conduct installation and configuration of multitudinous network service. Students are provided by e-commerce laboratory high performance computer system and platform on e-commerce and web development to do experiment on e-commerce simulation pattern, e-pay simulation and e-commerce website construction.

Behavioral and scientific experimental center in CSU, a professional site to conduct experimental teaching and research targets disciplines such as management, economics, linguistics, psychology, art layout, cognitive science and neuroscience, and consists of four functional laboratories: behavior decision-making laboratory, cerebral nerve laboratory, visual cognitive laboratory and human resource test and review laboratory. With the function and design geared to teaching and the construction of multiple sets of high-efficiency and scientific teaching laboratory system, the center is a teaching base of laboratory for the Business School, Foreign Languages, Architecture and Art, Literature, Law, Public Management and Marxism and the like. The purpose of the center is to provide a good foundation condition for laboratory teaching, scientific research and experiment, and boost mutual development between scientific research and undergraduate teaching.

Library in the Business School

the Business School boasts thirteen multi-media classrooms and multiple high-standard offices for specific case discussion. Since its founding in 1982, library in the Business School with the aim to meet the need of the faculty and students in teaching and scientific research, has subscribed considerable Chinese and foreign language books and other materials concerning economics, management and computers, etc. Through two decades of construction, it has evolved into a small library with distinct features in majors of economics and management. Nowadays, the library houses about 50,000 volumes of documents in total, among which Chinese books are about 46,000 volumes while foreign language books about 3,500 volumes, Chinese and foreign language newspapers and magazines about 3,500 volumes and 350 types with about 800 CDS. Besides, there are dissertations from doctoral and graduate students in the Business School since 1982. The library with electronic reading room offers rich documents and other materials for readers, who have an online access to over forty purchased Chinese and foreign data bases by libraries of the Business School and CSU for the purpose of teaching, scientific research and study.

Classroom and case-discussing office

Situated in main campus and railway campus, classrooms and case-discussing offices serve as special classrooms for the purpose of multi-media teaching for EMBA, MBA, EDP, graduate students and professional masters and engineering masters who have passed Postgraduate Entrance Examination. With 80 to 90 seats in each classroom on average, all multi-media classrooms are equipped with advanced facilities such as internet-connected computers for the faculty, multi-media projectors and amplifiers so as to fully meet the need of teaching for all types of graduate students.

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