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Alumni Activities

Alumni of School of Business in the Central South Universities (CSU) are found everywhere in the country and rooted in all walks of life. In recent years, subsidiary alumni associations have been established in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and the like by School of Business. Alumni activities, as a significant part in the mechanism of alumni association, are playing an important role in publicizing CSU, enhancing the connection between the alumni nationwide and promoting exchanges and cooperation between the alumni and the alumni matter.

The alumni associations of business school, which are active in conducting distinctive activities, are committed to establishing an unimpeded, long-term and close platform for communication and resource-sharing to enhance the cohesiveness of the school. With the combination of the social hot-spot issues, alumni associations will regularly organize high-end lectures, seminars, forums salons, etc. to discuss social problems and share entrepreneurial experience. Alumni activities arouse the concern of the alumni and render each and every meeting a trip of improvement, which not only contains their recollections of the bygone days but also includes the clash and blend of thought. The activities also consists of the New Year fellowship, golf tournament, annual meeting for entrepreneurial alumni, corporate resource-sharing meeting for the alumni, entrepreneurial communication congress between the alumni, travelling on foot with the alumni, visiting alumni’s enterprises, assisting CSU in admission publication by volunteer alumni and assisting Yuelu district government in holding investment meeting titled “ CSU students achieve their dream in Yuelu” as well as visiting sick alumni and so on.

In addition, alumni activities centering on social welfare cause are being fully conducted, such as setting up educational award fund in order to help poor college students to complete their studies without any difficulties; contributing to the university in terms of teaching facilities to support the development of education cause of alma matter; organizing job fair for college students by the alumni’s enterprises and implementing the plan characterized by off-campus supervisors guiding college students to seek employment. On the second Sunday of August each year, alumni association in Shenzhen will hold the alumni registration day in Shenzhen citizen center. Whether you are this year’s graduates or alumni of previous years, you will receive gracious welcome by the association to join in this vigorous organization and integrate into such a large and warm family.

Group photo of entrepreneurial alumni in Shenzhen at an annual meeting in December, 2014

Graduates of 2014 and presidents of Shenzhen alumni association on the registration day for alumni of Shenzhen universities in 2014

President Cai accompanied Secretary Gao Wenbing and vice-president Chen Chunyang to visit the alumni’s enterprise, Shiji Haixiang in October, 2014

Alumni are not only precious treasure of the School but also one of the most important members in the large family of CSU. Alumni activities provide a sound platform for alumni to serve the school, university and society, thus achieving a win-win result between the alumni and university. Rich and varied alumni activities bind together alumni from all corners of the country, and enhance the connection among them, between the alumni and the School as well as between alumni and society; Meanwhile, these activities, as a significant bond to promote the communication among the alumni, are conducive to exploit alumni resources to the maximum extent as well as provide a solid foundation for the alumni to make greater achievement and jointly seek career development.

From now on, alumni associations will continue to carry forward the motto of the Business School, adhere to the scientific outlook on development and make innovations in the working system and operation mechanism in terms of carrying out alumni activities. Based on consolidating the outcomes of the alumni activities, it will work hard to promote the activities in a diversified and systematic manner, explore the new forms of serving the school and society, develop the base for overseas alumni activities and establish an entrepreneurial base for the alumni to guide college students with a view to making contributions to the establishment of an innovation and high-level university as well as the development of national economy.

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