Great News! Our School Wins Key Special Project of National Key Research and Development Program

2021-01-06 11:20:23

Recently, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China announced key special projects supported by national key research and development program Public Security Risk Prevention and Control and Emergency Technical Equipment. The project Intelligent Judgement and Early Warning Technology Research for Ecological environment Protection Cases, which was declared by Academician Chen Xiaohong, Honorary Dean of the our school, as the project leader and Central South University as the lead unit, was awarded a project with funding of 2.13 million USD(13.55 million RMB).

National Key Research and Development Program is a major public welfare research aims at national economy and peoples livelihood, focusing on core competitiveness of industries, overall capability of independent innovation, and strategic, fundamental and foresight vital scientific problem as well as key technologies and products related to national security. This program provides continuous support and guidance for significant fields of national economy and social development.

China is in a period of high incidence of ecological and environmental pollution, and there are many difficulties in judicial practice such as unclear subjects of responsibility, unclear standards of proof, and inconsistent rules of adjudication, leading to unprecedented challenges in their trials and early warnings. The project takes ecological and environmental protection cases as the entry point, and uses the internet platform and intelligent devices as the carrier to carry out research on case knowledge system and mapping, intelligent trial assistance, situational early warning and feature mining, case situational early warning technology platform and demonstration applications, etc., to build an intelligent reasoning and intelligent trial assistance system for ecological and environmental protection cases based on big data and a situational early warning analysis platform for ecological and environmental protection cases, and break through the intelligent trial and situational warning technology for ecological and environmental protection cases, develop trial support systems and key equipment for situational warning, optimize the intelligent trial and situational warning process for ecological and environmental protection cases, standardize case trial standards, improve the efficiency and accuracy of case trials, and help achieve the goal of "digital rule of law and intelligent justice".

Team members are mainly from Central South University, Hunan University of Technology and Business, Peoples Public Security University of China, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and China Justice Big Data Institute Ltd, Corporation. The members are occupied in research of many fields, including law of national ecological security, judicial expertise, food and drug as well as environmental crime and heavy metal pollution prevention, and are prominent in ecological environment security and environmental crime detection engineering technology etc.

The project will promote our basic scientific research work to a new level and provide successful samples for our interdisciplinary, inter-university cooperation and joint demonstration units to carry out scientific and technological research.


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